The informative and promotional campaign Discover The Shapes of Taste – Made in EU, co-financed by the European Union and executed by the Italian Milk & Dairy Association (Assolatte) starts its second edition with new promotional activities to increase the awareness and improve the knowledge of milk and dairy products from Europe in China.

During the first year of promotional campaign, a lot of interesting content about the dairy industry has been delivered, including the tremendous diversity, properties and benefits of milk and dairy products from Europe through social media, web, traditional media, and promotional events on site.

New exciting activities will be carried out! Last week we celebrated the first on-site event during the Food and Hotel China Exhibition in Shanghai, in the frame of the activities programmed by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA). It took place,

a presentation of milk and dairy products originating from different regions of Italy in which the representatives of Assolatte explained the unique characteristics of the European milk and dairy products.

The presentation was followed by a tasting in which the attendees had the chance to appreciate the quality of the European Milk and Dairy products, such as: Gorgonzola, Burrata, Parmigiano Reggiano, Mozzarella,… The well-known foodie Ms 吃货梨子君 participated in the event to learn about the products and share her feelings with the followers.

During the whole year, we will be continuously sharing new recipes, food pairing ideas, as well as we will create lucky draws in our web and social media to make you feel part of the project and win a lot of gifts.

Media and food operators will have the opportunity to learn about the milk and dairy products in the events we will organise in China and during the trip to Italy we are planning for 2022.

Enjoy the original Milk and Dairy products from Europe!

Keep healthy!