Tradition and High Quality of Products


Dairy production is an activity with one of the longest traditions in Europe. Farmers and agricultural producers have been producing for many years, providing the industry with a great tradition and becoming one of the gastronomic and cultural pillars of Europe. Moreover, it has resulted in a tremendous diversity of products coming from various European regions.

Thanks to innovation, today there is a tremendous variety of products that can be adapted to the tastes and needs of the customer, with different types of renewable packaging designed to protect the environment. Studies have shown that the consumption of dairy products is an essential part of our diet. Dairy products provide a great deal of vitamins, minerals, proteins and calcium.

Sustainability and Food Safety


Production companies have invested and evolved, with an important outlay in research and development that have allowed the industry’s modernization, transforming the European dairy industry into one of the most advanced in the world, equipped with cutting-edge technology.

Traceability and food security are one of the main pillars of the industry, which is submitted to some of the strictest health and hygiene standards established by European authorities. The European dairy industry maintains a strong commitment to the environment and animal welfare, guaranteeing sustainability and offering natural products.

European Milk and Dairy industry keep a strong compromise to respect the environment, animal health and sustainability. It is fully committed to take care of the environment, using natural ingredients and recyclable packages and preserving the quality of life of farmers.