Discover the Shapes of Taste-Made in EU

“Discover the Shapes of Taste-Made in EU”, is  an informative and promotional campaign co-financed by European Union and managed and executed by Assolatte (Italian Milk and Dairy Association), that aims at improving the knowledge about the European dairy products in China.

The campaign will last for 3 years (from November 2020 to September 2023) to promote dairy products, with a specific focus on milk, butter, yogurt and cheeses from the European Union.

The European Union is one of the biggest producers of milk and dairy products. Production takes place in all EU, representing more than 12 % of total agricultural output, with an estimated milk production of 155 million tons per year. Dairy production is an activity with one of the longest traditions in Europe. Farmers and agricultural producers have been producing for many years, providing the industry with a great tradition and becoming one of the gastronomic and cultural pillars of Europe. Moreover, it has resulted in a tremendous diversity of products coming from various European regions.

Production companies have invested and evolved, with an important outlay in research and development that have allowed the industry’s modernization, transforming the European dairy industry into one of the most advanced in the world, equipped with cutting-edge technology. Traceability and food security are one of the main pillars of the industry, which is submitted to some of the strictest health and hygiene standards established by European authorities. The European dairy industry maintains a strong commitment to the environment and animal welfare, guaranteeing sustainability and offering natural products.

European Milk and Dairy industry keep a strong compromise to respect the environment, animal health and sustainability. It is fully committed to take care of the environment, using natural ingredients and recyclable packages and preserving the quality of life of farmers. Thanks to innovation, today there is a tremendous variety of products that can be adapted to the tastes and needs of the customer, with different types of renewable packaging designed to protect the environment.


Assolatte is a private industrial association, founded in 1945 and responsible as national body for representing and protecting the economic and trade interests of Italian industries operating in the dairy sector.

With a turnover that exceeds 16.2 billion euros and an induced activity that employs over 100,000 workers, the milk processing sector is the leader in the Italian agri-food sector and is the undisputed protagonist on the international scene, thanks to exports which represent 40% of dairy production and have almost reached 3 billion euros in value.

Throughout its 75 years, the association has seen the number of associated companies grow progressively. To date, around 230 companies have been incorporated which, in terms of turnover, represent more than 80% of the entire national sector. The Association involves many types of businesses: from small industrial companies to large international companies, by representing all the product sub-sectors. All companies that process, transform and package milk and milk-derived products, and work in the ripening of cheeses, can join Assolatte as Ordinary Member.