Last Monday November 13th, within the framework of the European informative and promotional campaign “Discover the Shapes of Taste – Made in EU”, came to the Flower City of China, Guangzhou. Nearly 30 professional media of the dairy sector, influencers and food lovers were invited to a press dinner event to experience “European flavors, Italian treats” together.

First, the host introduced us to the Discover the Shapes of Taste Made in EU project and Assolatte, the private industrial Italian Milk and Dairy association, founded in 1945 as the national body responsible for representing and protecting the economic and trade interests of the Italian dairy industry. The European milk and dairy isector was presented in its balanced development with respect for the environment, animal health and sustainability. Thousands of miles away, Assolatte President Zanetti through a video message shared his greetings to the guests in this event. Later on, it was time to officially enter our topic today.

Assolatte President Zanetti´s introduction

First of all, Chinese nutritionist Karry Lam, who has been engaged in import and export and nutrition training, divided into four sections, respectively, to introduce us milk, yogurt, cheese and butter tips and recommended intake. She concluded by stressing that European milk and dairy products are characterized by high quality, tradition, sustainability and food safety.

Chinese nutritionist Karry Lam´s presentation

Then, Italian chef Michael Barazi crafted a four-course menu using several Italian dairy products. Scamorza, Pecorino Romano PDO, Parmigiano Reggiano PDO, Burrata, Gorgonzola PDO, Butter, Cream, Grana Padano PDO, Mascarpone. In just one hour, the guests experienced different flavors of Italian cheeses, each one with its own characteristics.

Italian chef Michael Barazi crafting a four-course menu
Barazi´s four-course menu made with Assolate´s dairy products
After the meal, the guests exchanged some interesting topics with the chef and nutritionist. For example, how to choose the intake of dairy products for people who want to lose weight and those who are lactose intolerant, and how to match dairy products for pregnant women. Everyone not only enjoyed the food, but also gained a lot of information about this interesting sector, looking forward to see Italian milk and dairy products on the table in Guangzhou as soon as possible.
Assolate press dinner in Guangzhou final discussion

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